and the secret project


UX Design Team Lead

Want to find out what I do?

A brief history

I have been at Rentalcars now for 2 years, moving here initially as a Product Owner in one of their Front End teams.

I then moved from Front End into a team within ISE. This was a planned move in order to help shape thier internal system builds.

Whilst in this team helped shape their design processess by bringing a mix of Lean, Design Led Thinkng, Gulp workflows and of course Rapid Prototyping into an existing developer lead engineering landscape.

Whilst helping the CSi Team I got exposed to Project X, where I brought the same tools and processes and revolutionised thinking on this project too.

So, what am I doing RIGHT now?

I am working on a totally exciting project of which unfortunately I can't mention anything other than how I am drving it forward.

Oh and I suppose that I can also mention that it is a project that is touching end to end our whole customer journey whilst not even specifically being about our website customers. Interesting isn't it!

This project is allowing me to flex my creative IA and UX parts of my brain, with every day being a problem solving challenge.


It might not be too long before I can 'talk freely' about this totally exciting project.