The city I call home

Hey there!

This is the website of Brent Starling.

Self proclaimed UX Unicorn

Who am I?

I was originally born in Sheffield and now reside in the wonderfully temperate Manchester. My day-to-day job finds me producing lovely applications and I have chosen to specialise in CX best practice.

I share my life outside of work with my amazing wife and 2 fantastic daughters. I also own 2 dogs Ada Hound and Lyra Mut. Oh and we shouldn't forget 'Sophie' our amazing bat catching wonder cat.

All this is absolutely lovely and I wouldn't change it for the world it but does mean that I am the only man in the house!

What makes me tick?

When not planning projects for the garden or dreaming of fresh snow, I can be found hard at work at Here I have the title of UX Design Team Lead and I am currently forging fantastic working practices on a completely secret project. You can read more about my time at here.

I have really been lucky in my career to work with some totally amazing brands - which you can read more on my CV.